Red and White Grape

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April 30, 2020
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April 30, 2020
The Fruit Grapes are real berries that grow in bunches on long, twining vines that can produce up to 50 bunches per season. Fruit is borne in clusters. Individual fruits or berries vary in size from 0.33 inch diameter to 1 inch or more; in shape from round to oval or cylindrical; and in color from light green to red or black. Skin is smooth and waxy, enclosing a juicy pulp to which it adheres. Both seedless and seeded kinds are among the dozens of varieties grown commercially.

General Description

The Grape Juice Concentrate is a natural product obtained by partly evaporating the water from the freshly squeezed juice at naturally matured sound and clean Grapes. The juices pasteurized and then immediately concentrated and frozen in order to guarantee perfect preservation. It contains no artificial sweeteners or other activities.

Variety : Hybrid with Green to Red or Black Color.

Season : February to March, August & December.