The EFL Story

Founded in 2008, Emperor Foodex Ltd. (EFL) is a leading and innovative solutions provider to the food and beverage industry in the Middle East, Africa and India, where EFL has emerged to be a market Leader, and also servicing clients in Europe and United States.EFL caters to the entire spectrum of the food and beverage industry, supplying puree and concentrates, ingredients, FMCG products and commodities to manufacturers, dairy, beverage, bakery, industry and agro-commodities, and FMCG to importers, traders and premium hospitality products to the HORECA sector.

EFL in a short span of time has emerged to be the leading producer and supplier of fruit puree and concentrates to the leading juice and beverage manufacturing companies, dairies, smoothie and ice cream manufacturers and bakeries.

With over 120 employees and the finest techno-commercial team in the region, the cornerstone of EFL’s success is built on the value we add in the supply chain with our application labs and technical support, cost-effective solutions, logistics infrastructure, market knowledge, customer service and high-quality products from leading manufacturers.

Emperor Foodex Limited is a company manufacturing Fruits & Vegetables Concentrates, Purees, Aromas and Processed Food and is a leading supplier of Concentrates and Purees to the Fruit Juice, Soft Drinks and Beverage industries. The Company is a premier mango producer in both volume and quality. It is in the District of Chittoor, South of India that Emperor Foodex Limited has installed its Agro-Industrial Complex as well as the first organized plantations in the region.

It is our assurance that our fruits are handed in the most natural way possible, from the cultivation to the end product. In addition, our experts ensure that only the best row products enter production.

These fruits are then converted to juices concentrates, aromas, purees and puree concentrates. EMPEROR', the company's brand has become synonymous with a premium range of Fruits, Vegetables, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Purees & Processed Foods. With a strategically located manufacturing facilities for the production of various concentrates, the main aim of the Company has became to provide its clientele with only the best out of the bests.

Following a very vigorous operation of processing fruits & vegetables, stringent quality control, adhering to agreed specifications, ensuring quality consistency & prompt transportation, it is not surprising that the growth at 'EMPEROR' in the international as well as domestic market has been in leaps & bounds. Today, EMPEROR' has been proclaimed as a premium brand for Fruits & Vegetables Concentrates, Juices, Purees, Aromas & Processed Foods. e at EMPEROR' brings a rare blend of proven organizational capabilities, high systems orientation, rich global expertise and more importantly a strong customer focus. We serve our valued customers by providing them the finest variety of Quality Products. We, in the pursuit of excellence, always aimed at Quality in Production.

Company Services

Our goal is to help our customers succeed because our success depends on their success. We are always working to better understand and address the unique needs and challenges of our clients. At Emperor Foodex Ltd., we encourage our clients to conduct business in your most comfortable language. Our sales team is sensitive to your cultural background and can accommodate speakers of Hindi, English and more.

Specialty Products: We have an extensive product line in the Asian market. We are a single source for all your restaurant's food, supply needs, and we have a complete line of fresh Asian vegetables.

Company Profile
  • EFL is structured into divisions that supply the entire spectrum of the food and beverage industry in the world.
  • EFL is one of the leading producers of purees and concentrates and a global supplier.
  • EFL manufactures and supplies food products, FMCG products, agro and dairy commodities to importers, traders, packers, and roasters.
  • EFL Hospitality supplies premium products to hotels, restaurants, and caterers.
Global Distribution Network

Over the course of a decade, EFL has established a strong presence across the Middle East, Africa, India, and clients in Europe and United States with ISO 9001:2015 certified offices and warehousing facilities and has its global headquarters in New Delhi. Our integrated delivery systems and logistics team manage an efficient supply chain for our customers, ensuring timely deliveries and peace of mind.

Company Mission

We build long-term partnerships by adding value through service and knowledge in the food and beverage industry.

Vision To be a world-class organization inspired by a joyful team.

Established in 2008, EFL's core philosophy is to build long-term relationships and win-win partnerships leading to the mutual growth of our customers’ and principals’ business within the region.

EFL’s roots are those of an entrepreneurial family business and we hold these values close to us today while also combining them with the standards and systems of an international organization. We believe in ensuring the welfare of our employees and the environment through our corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs.

EFL Profile