Emperor Foodex Limited cultivates Mangoes in the center of India's Mango growing regions. It is here under a privileged environment of excellent weather and soil conditions that there are abundant yields of the best quality fruit.

The Company sources its raw materials, Totapuri Mango Fruits from the best growing areas of the fruits in India. These areas such as Chittoor, Kudappah, and Vijayawada etc. are known around the world for their good raw material quality produce and Alphonso Mango Fruits from Ratnagiri, Valsad, Nashik etc.

The Company has also strategically located its production areas, in and around the growing areas so that the best pick of the season can be used for manufacturing our products.

Fruit Seasons of India

The Company continuously monitors all phases of development from planting to harvesting, incorporating technological innovations that will assure quality satisfaction for even the most demanding consumers. The maturity of the fruit is monitored through visual and laboratory analysis. These steps are essential for planning the yield of raw material during the production season. Food safety and environmental care are essential when it comes to quality assurance.

The Company supervises the whole production chain including cultivation, harvesting, storage and production. An expert cultivation team that can grow crops according to customers' specifications, the company takes care of the relevant details such as the use of pesticides, fertilizers, etc. This information is put in a crop logbook and continuously kept up.

To assure the quality of Mangoes, periodical inspections are performed in the groves. During the peak of processing season, over 60/80 truck loads (App. 600/800 MT) arrive daily at the Plant. The fruit, upon arrival at the processing plant, is stored in Fruits Ripening Stores for Natural Ripening. The fruit is then analyzed and the specifications are also checked.